Novalution Shirt & Sticker Pre-Order Form

novalution shirts and stickers

Stickers - $3
T-Shirts (s-xl) - $18*
Hooded Sweatshirts (s - xl) - $35*

* add $2 for 2XL, $3 for 3XL
Stickers will be 4.25" x 2.75" ovals.

Shirts/hoodies will come in black and navy blue. If you don't designate a color when you order, black shirts will be ordered for you.

The shirts will have a large logo on the back with no logo on the front.

novalution shirt

In the form below, please enter your contact info, as well as what you want to purchase. If the minimum order is met (24 pieces), invoices will be sent out a week or two before the shirts are printed. I hope to get the shirts printed in mid-late August. Large orders, or those with uncommon sizes, will require immediate payment.